Business Consulting

Our mission in this area is to help our clients successfully meet the challenges that appear today in a global and highly competitive market.

We understand that the growth and development of enterprises depends on complex variables that having to do with the quality or efficiency of its administration, human resources, organizational systems, business processes, financial reporting, financial structure and risk prevention, among others.

The services we offer in the area of business advice and consulting include:

  • Organizational Structure
    • Organizational Design
    • Job analysis and compensations
  • Internal Control
    • Development and implementation of policies and procedures
      • Cash management
      • Inventory control and administration
    • Evaluation of the internal control system
  • Financial diagnosis
    • Improving financial management
    • Assistance in obtaining financing
    • Advice on mergers and acquisitions
    • Financial – tax restructuring
  • Corporate governance
    • Design of governing bodies
    • Improving the quality of financial information
    • Control Environment
    • Risk prevention
  • Family business
    • Professionalization of management
    • Financial transparency
    • Distribution of benefits
    • Succession
  • Information Technology
    • Implementation of computer systems
    • Security and privacy

Alma Rosa Miramontes Soto

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