Professional Empowerment

The firm has established a new division for high level education and vocational training.

Through courses, conferences , workshops , forums and other events for continuing education with the purpose of empowering the knowledge of accountants, administrators, lawyers, businessmen and public in general, in the substantive and related areas of public accountancy including, among others accounting, auditing, taxation finances, costs, administration, law and professional responsibilities and ethical standards under a global perspective analysis.

For this purpose

The high-level term as an overall objective in our training events is understood as the sum of those qualitative elements required to meet the expectations of the participants in the acquisition of skills or upgrading their knowledge. Our resources are: depth and mastery of knowledge, clarity of thought and exposition of the instructors; sufficient and appropriate teaching materials, excellent business facilities and in certain events, evaluation of the teaching-learning process.

The firm has been authorized by the Institute of Public Accountants as External Authorized Training Agent for the purposes of meeting Continuing Professional Education Standard and by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

L.A.E. y M.B.A
Paola Carolina Miramontes Campos

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