Who We Are

Know our Team at Miramontes

At MIRAMONTES, We Are a group of Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys, with more than 30 years of professional practice, located in Baja California.

At MIRAMONTES, we are a group of Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys, with more than 30 years of professional practice, located in Baja California and well known in the Northwest region of Mexico through our ethical and responsible practice. Providing services from traditional accounting services and tax compliance including international operations, financial auditing, business consulting, corporate Law, Estate planning, real estate law, patents and trademarks registration as well as immigration services.

Since we established in 1975, our firm has experienced continuous growth and development in its practice, including celebrating strategic alliances with other firms of accountants and lawyers of recognized prestige, allowing us to offer an almost global coverage.

Partners and Associates

We are proud of the best practices and solid technical and professional experience of our partners, associates and staff, devoting each one of them the best of their capacities to offer solutions to our clients and create long-term professional relationships.

Ensenada Main Office

LIC. & C.P.A.
Héctor Manuel
Miramontes Soto

Director Partner Ensenada
52 (646) 178-8546 ext. 102

■ Founder of the accounting school of the Baja California state university campus Ensenada.
■ Active member of Ensenada B.C. Public accountants association.
■ Former president and former vice-president of the northwest region of public accountants institute.

C.P.A. Alma Rosa Miramontes Soto

Consulting Leading Partner
52 (646) 178-8546 ext. 107

■ Fluent in English & French.
■ active member of Ensenada B.C. Public Accountants Association and former president.

C.P.A. Brígida Nieves González

Auditing Leading Partner
brigida@miramontes.mx 52 (646) 178-8546 ext. 108

■ With more than 20 years of professional practice and active member of Ensenada B.C. Public Accountants Association.

C.P.A. Karina López Torres

Accounting & Payroll Partner
karina@miramontes.mx 52 (646) 178-8546 ext. 111

■ Graduated from the Accounting Degree from the Faculty of Administrative and Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Baja California, Ensenada Campus. Generation 1996-2000.
■ Active member of the College of Public Accountants of Ensenada, AC.
■ Secretary of the Fiscal Commission of the College of Public Accountants of Ensenada, AC.

L.A.E. & M.B.A Paola Carolina Miramontes Campos

Administration And Corporate Organization Leading Partner
paola@miramontes.mx 52 (646) 178-8546 ext. 105

■ Graduated from the Bachelor of Business Administration, from the Faculty of Administrative and Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Baja California, Ensenada Campus. Generation: 2005–2009.
■ Master’s Degree in Administration, MBA, with a concentration in Senior Management, from Cetys University, 2011-2013.
■ With an Advanced Intermediate degree in a Business English course taught by the EF School & Cambridge University.

Beatriz Yépez Maravilla

Senior Legal Area Associate

52 (646) 178-8546 ext. 117

■ Litigation lawyer in Integral Legal Consultants. 2013-2019.
■ Legal manager in judicial and extrajudicial collection, past-due portfolio recovery, planning of general collection strategies. 2013-2016.
■ Legal Adviser at Public Notary number 5. Legal advice, incorporation of companies, customer service. 2009 – 2012.

Adolfo Alvarez Amador

Junior Legal Area Associate
adolfo@miramontes.mx 52 (646) 178-8546 ext. 124

■ Law Degree from the Vizcaya de las Américas University (2019 – 2022)

■ Expert in appraisals of land transit incidents (2015 – 2019)

■ Degree in Criminalistics from the Xochicalco University Study Center (2012 – 2015)


LIC. y M.I.
Daniel Esquer León

Director Partner Mexicali
desquer@miramontes.mx 52 (686) 104-8372

■ Legal consultant on comprehensive advice on business law, defense and tax and corporate advice.
■ Collaborator since 2019 in tax magazines Puntos Finos and Puntos Prácticos Dofiscal.
■ Master’s Degree in Taxes UABC
■ Specialty in Taxation UABC
■ Teacher at UABC Master’s Degree in Taxes and CETYS University Campus Mexicali

Sandra Aguiñaga Villegas

Legal Area Associate
svillegas@miramontes.mx 52 (686) 104-8372

■ Ruling of draft resolutions of the appeal for revocation.
■ Legal consultant in business law, tax defense, intellectual and corporate property.

Yulissa Soria Quintero

Legal Area Associate
yulissa@miramontes.mx 52 (686) 104-8372

■ Law Degree.
■ Legal Consultant in comprehensive advice on labor, civil, commercial and corporate law.

LIC. y Maestra en derecho Laboral Martha Hurtado Guido

Legal Area Associate
martha@miramontes.mx 52 (686) 104-8372

■ Legal Analyst at the Institute of Culture of Baja California
■ Legal/contentious Department of the State Educational System
■ Assistant Attorney at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
■ Head of Immigration Regulation at the National Institute of Migration

LIC. Ashley Catalina Higuera Martínez

Legal Area Associate
asesorialegal@miramontes.mx 52 (686) 104-8372

■ Law degree. Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexicali. (2019-2023)

Mission (“Our reason for being”)

“Our purpose is to build with experience, talent and proactive orientation assertive solutions in the best interest of our customers always looking for the best practices and the continuous growth of our staff and our clients.”

Vision (“What we want to be”)

“Our vision is to consolidate us as the ideal company for our customers, through continual improvement of our services, with fairness, assertiveness and trust.”

Values (“What we most appreciate”)

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Fair treatment
  • Teamwork
  • Loyalty
  • Leadership and participation
  • Innovation and empowerment
  • Assertiveness and quality standards in the work
  • Competitiveness as our base for success